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First time out? Don't roll the dice!

Game PawnIt's hard work getting that first game out the door, but we can help. We have long specialized in helping new and small press game companies get their games made. Make your life easier and choose DeLano Service.

We've distilled much of our wisdom into the pages of this web site, but if you still have any questions, contact us in person for answers.

Getting Started With Your Game

Rules Guide - Your rules are the core of your game. They may seem obvious to you, but this handy guide helps you organize them for everyone else.

Glossary of Game and Printing Terms - A primer on printing terms and game industry terms you'll want to know before getting started.

Graphic Design - Now that you've got the rules down, it's time to start finding a graphic designer for your game. We can help. (We recommend that you don't do too much work on the graphic design until you've settled on the physical dimensions. We can help with that, too! See the Quote Request Form link below).

Producing Your Game

Quote Request Form - Now that you've got your terms and your rules down, it's time to get a quote. Our quote request form is designed to help you get the physical details down pat - so we can give you the most accurate price possible.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the game printing process.

Helpful Downloads - Helpful downloads, including the indispensible "Preparing Your Files" PDF.

Recommended Reading - A collection of illuminating web links to game industry trade organizations, shows and conventions, marketing, game design and more.

Materials/Safety Info - DeLano Service produces safe games. Your game is compliant with ALL United States safety laws including the Consumer Products Safety Information Act of 2008.