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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know about game production but were afraid to ask!


Q: I have a handmade prototype.  Can you create my game art from this?
A: Yes.  We work with graphic designers on a contract basis.  All are experienced in doing art for games!

Q: I don't have a prototype, just some ideas.  Is that OK, too?
A: Yes!  We can turn your ideas into reality.


Q: What is your minimum order quantity?
A: For a board game our minimum quantity is 1000 games.  For card games our minimum run is 500 games.  When we quote your game we will quote several quantities for you.  You will see from this quote that the more games you produce the lower the per unit price.

Q: How does the DeLano pricing compare with overseas pricing?  Can you compete?
A: Yes we can compete.  When you look at the total cost to have your games produced overseas [the per-unit cost + shipping costs +the cost of money + the potential loss of business from the long delay in receiving product] then we can compete.  Not counting all of the other factors, the per-unit price spread is shrinking as China is getting hit with high inflation costs and increase in the value of their currency.

Q: What will it cost?
A: All games are different, so it depends. Prices vary based on size, colors, number of cards or other components and also quantity.  If you know the specifications of all of the components of your game, we'd be happy to prepare a free, no obligation, quotation for you.

Q: Is DeLano Service a broker or manufacturer?
A: DeLano is not a broker.  There are many brokers in this business.  DeLano is one of a very few true board game and card game manufacturers in the United States. We take your artwork, print all components, produce each component and assemble the games in our facilities in Michigan and Indiana.

Q: How long will it take?
A: Usually, we can produce your game in about 6 weeks.  It takes about 2 weeks from the time we get your digital, print ready artwork to the time we are ready to begin manufacturing.  During this time we will layout the artwork for our equipment, create a color proof of each component and send it to you.  You'll approve (or correct) the proof and send it back.  Manufacturing usually takes about 4 weeks.  DeLano Service/EPI is a printing company, so all printed materials are done in-house, which helps speed things along.  In fact, nearly all components of your game will be from U.S. suppliers, so there's no waiting for that slow boat.  It can take longer during the busy holiday season, so please plan well in advance for your Christmas release!

Q: I need a custom plastic game piece.  Can you do that?
A: Yes, however, most plastics suppliers will not quote without a detailed drawing. Also, many require a minimum order quantity of 7,000 games worth of custom parts and often charge a hefty mold charge of several thousand dollars. Unfortunately, this means it is often not cost effective for you to do a small run of custom game parts.

Q: Can I supply my own component(s) for my game?
A: Of course.  We would like to do as much as we can for your game, however, there may be times you've already found the perfect, unique part and developed a relationship with the supplier.  Note that you are responsible for all safety certification for components you provide.

Q: Is my game affected by the CPSIA?
A: If your game is designed for use by anyone age 12 or under, your game is affected.  If your game is labeled as "For ages 14 and up" you are not affected.

Q: What CPSIA information do I need on my game?
A: Two types of information are required.  The first set of markings are for “Labeling and Warning” this includes Country of origin, producers markings, Age Grading and Safety Warning Label. To translate this into English: Manufactured in the USA by DeLano Service/EPI covers the first part of this label.  A date or lot number is also required.  You also need an age grading if the game is meant to be played by those 12 and under… this means, “for players 12 and under” or whatever age range is appropriate for your game.

The next set of markings involve the content of the game:
If your game has small parts you need to label that as a CHOKE HAZARD under ASTM F963-96a
You also need to indicate that your game is compliant with ASTM F963-07 for Heavy Metal Content and Phthalates where appropriate.

Stickers are considered “temporary labeling” and not allowed under the rules.

Q: I produced my game with DeLano previously.  How is it affected by the CPSIA?
A: Items in inventory are exempt.  This does not preclude retailers from refusing to purchase or stock unlabeled merchandise.


Q: Is DeLano Service a distributor?
A: No.  We offer full service warehousing and fulfillment, however.  Don't have room for 10 pallets of games at your place?  We do.  Aren't sure how to ship your games to customers around the globe?  We are.  Click here to learn details.

Q: Can I have DeLano store most of the games while I keep some for small orders?
A: You bet.

Still have questions?
Our staff at DeLano Service is here to help you.  Whether you'd like to talk through filling out the Quotation Request while we're on the phone with you, or if you just want to get some advice on least cost production options, please call us at: 800-233-5266.  You'll find us to be friendly, easy to work with folks, who would very much like to help you bring your game from dream to reality.