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Material Safety Information

PrintingDeLano Service complies with all U.S. Safety laws. This includes the recently passed Consumer Product Safety Information Act of 2008, which requires documentation and testing of any product designed for ages 12 and under. Read our CPSIA Info page for more details.

Sleep Better

When you print your game with DeLano, you can sleep easier at night. All of the games we make are certified safe. The papers, plastics, shrink-wrap and all other components are certified and tested. Test results are available upon request and we're working to make them available in your customer area online in the near future.

Since your game is made in the United States on US or Canadian paper and (in most cases) using U.S. manufactured plastic parts, you can rest assured that you'll have a safe, legally saleable game.

Always Safe

In addition to having all the Materials Data and testing information for games made after November 18, 2008 (as required by the CPSIA) we will also be providing certification on products made before that deadline so you can continue to sell your back stock. We can do this because we have a tradition of making safe products and have met or exceeded safety laws throughout our long history. (Note: Some customer supplied or 3rd party products may not be certifiable for various reasons. Customers should check with DeLano if they have any questions).

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