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Writing Your Rules

If writing rules were easy, everyone would do it.  Take the time to make sure your rules are clear, concise and most of all, make for a fun game experience!

We've seen lots and lots of games rules here at DeLano.  Most are very well done.  Occasionally, we find a few snags that can ruin a game.  Rules that don't tell you how to win or don't explain the game board.  We want your game to be a sucess, so we've assembled several useful links and tools for you to use when polishing your rules.

Common Mistakes

The most common mistake we get when people submit rules for publication is submitting them as a Microsoft Word document and not in a graphic program format.  Rules, like box tops and game boards need to be in a graphic design format like Adobe Illustrator.  It won't affect the playability of your game, but may delay production.

Another common mistake results from over familiarity.  You've played the game 1000 times, so you assume things that new players won't know.  Make sure to write your rules from the perspective of someone approaching your game for the very first time.

Rules Guideline


This outline covers all the basics to get your rules organized.  It is based on a handout used by noted game designer James Ernest at a presentation on game design.

Rules writing Deutschland style - An excellent breakdown of Euro-style rules that applies to more than just German/Euro games. Recommended reading for anyone writing a set of board or card game rules. By Frank Branham for Boardgamenews.com.