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Rules Template for Game Designers

Note: This document is to help organize your rules. It is not a layout guide or fill-in-the-blank template for generating game rules. Not all games will need all the items listed. Some may require more.

Game Name: Rules Version: (if only for your internal rules)
Age Range: Date: (if only for your internal rules)
Number of Players:
Playing Time:

Fluff Text or Back story

This is the part that explains the theme of the game - just a paragraph or two with lots of adjectives.

Game Object

Three lines about how the game “works”, including the ultimate object.

Game Contents

List all components and indicate if it’s a deck of cards or a sheet of cards to be punched out; a free standing game board or a game board to be punched out, a bag of tokens or a sheet of tokens to be punched out, etc.

Game Assembly

How do you assemble the game the first time? Is consumer assembly required? If so, what? Are DRAWINGS required? If so, what parts? Are there consumer-applied stickers or labels? If yes, how many?

Game Setup

How do you set up the game for each playing? Does the game setup differently for different numbers of players?

Game Play

Who starts? Does youngest player go first? If not, how is this determined?
Who plays next? Does play pass to the left? If not, what is the turn order?
Define terms (if necessary).

Turn Sequence

On a player’s turn, what is the sequence of actions? What happens at the end of a round? Is there scoring? Does the order of play change?

Special Conditions

For instance, what happens when you land on another player?

Board Spaces

- What happens on special spaces?

Special Cards

- What do they do?


How is the winner determined?
Do you have to win by exact count?
What if there is a tie?

Gameplay Variations (if any)

List any advanced and optional rules for a harder (or easier) game.

Troubleshooting and/or strategy tips (if any)

Restorage Considerations (if any)

Credits (if any)

Designer? Editor? Graphic design? Playtesters?